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Atlanta homeowners are usually big fans of concrete because it is strong and reliable. Under certain circumstances, however, it can sometimes get damaged. Structural damage, chemical damage, excessive loads, fire damage, insufficient reinforcement, and other conditions may cause the concrete to whither or crack.

Whatever the situation, you’ll definitely want to make sure you find out about concrete repair as soon as possible if your concrete has been damaged. You don’t want there to be more damage because you didn’t take care of it soon enough.

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The Two Sorts of Concrete Repair

Typically, concrete repair is approached in one of two ways:

  1. A removal of the damaged concrete, replacement of reinforced steel and replacement with fresh, new concrete.
  2. Repairs and resurfacing using specialty designed cementitious products.

Preventing Damage in the Future with Concrete Maintenance

Here are some tips to help you to keep your concrete looking like new so you can prevent the need for further concrete repair in the future.

  • Clean concrete regularly with water.
  • Don’t let weeds sprout in the joints. Don’t let dirt collect there either.
  • Once a year, seal the concrete surface to dustproof the surface, encourage UV sunlight resistance, and repel water.

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